Poetry: Beauty Will Out

rbrHalf a century by our clock and calendar

A blink in the Ages unwritten and bygone

Working this clay I was given

Some say our carbon skin is all and everything

They shout how it contains the soul and we must control

Every atom to conform and abide in the straight and narrow


Some say our living vehicle is all and everything

They boast how they push and destroy and rebuild

And ossify and oil it to perfection to show the world

That once again they can fit the straight and narrow

Some give away parts of themselves to substance

Or thieves who seek to steal the soul inside


Some say our bodies are temples for adornment

Or slaves for the will of others

Or the self-imposed Golem as we walk

Around dumbly with the message and intent of

Others stuck in our mouths


Half a century by human constraint and construct

Working this clay I was given

Some will call me out on my work in progress

I have not done right

Look at the ugly marks and lack of form

Look at the shapeless mound

The quasi modo half formed

Is this a girl?  Is this a person?

Overindulgent, lazy, useless, weak

An empty vessel, a forgotten child

A reminder of things best forgotten


Half a century by human measures

By scale or by scribe or by dull reckoning of numbers

But they all miss the real art of it

For I am working from the inside out

In time, in what may take years in the austere human

Accounting of the world

Beauty will out

I have painstakingly crafted a loving heart

I have built a most exquisite intuitive brain

I have fed my soul upon joy and care

I have grown a full human and launched them

Into being and provided them nurture

I have removed dents and smoothed over scars

From hurts of others

Beauty will out

I have eaten chocolate in Paris

I have had extraordinary love

I have made friends who already

Have had a sneak preview of my masterpiece

Beauty will out

Beauty will out

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I am happy to be introducing a new voluntary payment system for Words of a Dandelion, Payments are at the discretion of the reader and support my written works, art, poetry and music. The same content is available to all - because the purpose of my work is to help everyone feel connected. I will not withhold content based on ability to pay. I offer a positive perspective and unique view of an adult female who has spent the last 50 years navigating the world with Asperger's Syndrome. Despite any circumstance, I endeavor to find the hope and love within the moment. I am in the process of creating a memoir and building a future full of possibility for my son. The dollars help toward creating art, writing, photography and original artwork. You can use your dollars to vote on which blog posts you like AND/OR you can request me to write a poem or blog about a favorite topic.


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