Journal: Squishy, Shiny Dreams


Bunnies in The Gloaming – Hollye B Green Gouache and Metallic Acrylic

It’s Mercury Retrograde AND Full Moon Lunar Eclipse time – every single article remotely related to this promotes panic and warns us that things will not go smoothly.  However, the luxury of hiding in bed all day and doing nothing out of fear is does not belong to most of us.  I’m learning to embrace the “RE” part of retrograde – to explore or re-examine dreams and creative opportunities that may have fallen along the wayside.

I live in a family of immensely talented artists and often relegate myself to a supporting role.  They support me in my creative endeavors, but I make myself tired and volunteer for cooking and laundry duties. For a while now,  have been pushing back my own joyous creative experiences to make things run on schedule.  BUT as retrograde works its magic, NOTHING ever runs on schedule.  We lose keys and burn dinner, run out of gas and finish all the house cleaning just to have the dog poop and vomit on the carpet. (Yep, just last night!)  Might as well spend that same energy doing something new or RE-visting something I love.

Today, I found a new set of gouache paints for 40% off.  I have never used gouache, but understood them to be a more forgiving and flexible paint similar to acrylic. I wanted vivid color and cool squishiness and fingerpainting fun.  I sat down with no plan, no pre-conceived notions.  I have not really painted in nearly two decades.

And then the foxes showed up!  A midnight, full moon sky.  Fireflies and a secret ramble through the meadow.  Leaping and sauntering and winking foxes.


Midnight Fox Ramble – Hollye B Green Gouache and metallic acrylic

Just as they were leaving, the bunnies showed up.  I chose to make the bunnies Prussian Blue and Silver. We have a family of rabbits that live under our fir tree.  They feed without fear of us and rarely move when we come outside.  One of them is dark grey with a bluish cast.  We named him Morrissey after dismal yet fantastic Smiths frontman, Stephen Patrick Morrssey.  He showed up with his whole family in the twilight to graze and lounge in the shadows.

The point and meaning was that I had so much FUN today squishing and mixing and playing in the bright paint pudding. Revisting and bolstering my own creative energy without judging and without expectation.

The joy is in the doing.  





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