Up Close & Beautiful – My Photography Site

I am fortunate to have both high-functioning autism AND really bad eyesight. My whole life, I have seen the world differently. I have to get close up to truly see. I find a lot of beauty in the world. I LOVE color. I appreciate that we have the technology to capture a moment of natural perfection and hold it and share it. We are given the gifts of changing light, the illumination and shadow. Very few of my photos are retouched. I like the idea of really seeing something as it is.

I hope the photos I share here inspire, whether it is a color that brings you joy, or just something pretty that matches your lamps.

Please ask questions. Whether it is about the flowers, photos, autism, or me – I will answer honestly.

I currently live in Illinois with my partner Darren Cox (the muralist Daz Lartist), my son Connor McManis, and my ancient, fat chihuahua Izabella.
I will be 50 this November.

You can check out my full collection here.

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