Poetry: October-The Veil is Thin

The Veil is Thin

Do you feel it?  Do you feel it as I do?

The very axis and meridians of our bodies being pulled and driven by change.

Like a knight in tin foil armor, saddled in a wild horse, facing lances, arrows and swords

The hit is coming and my feet are not quite touching the ground

We have, over centuries, cobbled together bits of fear and rage

Not left scattered, unburied, but connected and sentient

A golem with a familiar face intent on crushing the life from us

Masks have dropped

Anxiety has risen


Do you feel this?

The ache in the marrow, the workaholic heartbeat, the brain calamity

That makes a stubbed toe feel like Armageddon

When waking life needs must be sensory deprivation

Because seeing and hearing is a dangerous overload

When you can feel the blows and shots meted out to others

When fires lit to immolate leave scorch marks on your skin

When a light breeze can buffet you right into Hell

We have, for eons, built a compendium of horrors from what people

Can do to other living things.

Silence is demanded

But voices are booming


And I will ask…


Do you feel this?




Belief that there is good and good will win.

Defiance against oppression

Courage to shout even louder

Righteous anger

Quickening of Justice


The veil is thin.

And all that protects us is wispy and flimsy

And translucent.


And I feel the need to rip it down.

Do you feel this?  Do you feel it as I do?


Let the monsters come.

I am ready.

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