Remind Me – A Hallowe’en Love Story

Reposting a “scary” to suit the season! Happy Hallowe’en!

Words of a Dandelion

This has now been re-edited and I am considering it to be complete.

Sometimes I dream in short stories.  Tuesday night I had this particular dream –  Jeff Goldblum was playing the lead in this scary little vignette.  For all the lovers out there and all of those monsters we love – Happy Hallowe’en and enjoy!

Remind Me

Little shafts of light shot beneath the bedroom curtains lighting up his back. Irina reached out, resting her fingertips on them, following the light. Gavriel sighed heavy with sleep and comfort. His lips curved into a smile, eyes still closed. She was something else.

She pressed herself against his back and listened to his heart beat. “Remind me.”

He turned to face her and began his kiss on her neck just below her ear. “I’ll remind you.”

They had known each other forever and she never called him anything but Gav. No…

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