Poetry: Bystander

So what if you don’t recognize the monster until it’s almost too late…

Words of a Dandelion

nightmare.jpg Nightmare by Daz Lartist.

Dear Reader,

I assure you this is not a political post.  This poem was written years ago.  Because at some point during our loves, we have all fallen under someone’s spell. And sometimes, that person only shows their true nature after we have given all we can. When we have already bent and broken to suit their whim, their wants beyond needs.
You have the freedom to apply my words to any situation you like. Often, letting go of someone or something that we so deeply believed in requires the very last of our giving. It leaves a hole, a scar, a negative space. It leaves an immeasurable gap in what we believe in and how little we have loved ourselves.
And only then, the healing can begin.
Caught in still frame at the precipice edge
Hovering for an infinitesimal measure of time
Your body wavered…

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