The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

bob ross

Connor as Bob Ross

Yep.  Hallowe’en!  All Hallow’s Eve!  The end of all that was for the year wheel.  The 8th leg on Mother Spider. Samhain. For Celts, New Year’s Eve.  The veil is thin and the opportunity to clear old karmic grievances is at hand.

For me, Hallowe’en is filled with love. LOVE – not fear.  And as we all know, Love and Fear are direct opposites.  My heart is always full on Hallowe’en because in this one day, I see so much joy:

  • Kids pretending.  Not face down in their iphone or tablet. Having fun outside, embracing the personality and affects of their costumes, Asking politely for sugary loot.  Full of excitement and curiosity.  Actively engaged in the protocol and game of Trick or Treat!
  • Parents engaged and parenting.  Helping and instructing the little ones how to make the exchange.  Steering them from houses with lights out.  Gauging the safety of neighborhoods.  Checking the haul when the night is through.  Carrying the tiny devils or witches when their little legs get tired.
  • Imagination. The door is flung wide open on this one.  There will always be a store-bought Disney princess or five.  But when you get visits from those kids on the cusp of middle school – their creativity can blow your mind.  The parents may have not helped at all or only minimally.  I have seen two 3rd graders put a dummy between them and go as “Weekend at Bernies”.  And another 5th grader and his crew went as all the Doctor Whos – yes, even his sister as Jodie Whittaker.   I’ve seen a kid in a six foot headless costume designed to look like he was carrying his head (which his real head peeked out of a hole above the arm).
  • The scariest thing.  So, when people first started dressing up for Samhain, the idea was that any spirits or demons that walked this night would not recognize them as human.  They would not bother one of their own kind. The philosophy of beating them by joining them, or at least fooling them. For this night, kids get to be the scariest thing out there.
  • Truly giving.  Yes, we have ThanksGIVING and Christmas GIVING.  And somehow there are always strings attached to those.  To me Thanksgiving meant being stuck in an overheated house full of loud relatives and dry turkey.  Having to eat food that we know will make us gassy and tired and miserable. By the way, the busiest day for plumbers in America is the day after Thanksgiving.  Enough.  All the holidays that hit around December 20-26 are also about giving, and getting, and stressing about money and what you got or didn’t get or were not able to give.   But Hallowe’en is about giving randomly to strangers. The only expectation is a “thank you” from the ones who can verbalize it.  There is no pressure, no impending disappointment.  No need for expensive gifts or thank you notes. No financial hole in the aftermath,  You can even just do “Dolla-ween” and grab some candy from the Dollar Store.
  • The reward. For me, the night is made up of little vignettes, snapshots of families showing love and creativity.  I will stick my witch hat on my head and sit with my son Connor (who is going as a fabulous Bob Ross this year).  We will chat and laugh and pay the tribute demanded by all the monsters who show up.

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