Stank Tooth: Giggling in Church*

Izzy 3Yep, I am a ULC minister – no I do not go to church. Large judgey groups don’t work for me.  However, I do attend a local monthly meet of CTL – Center for Transformational Living.  I have met most of the other people there is one way of another throughout the years.  It is a small conference room full of love. I have the link to their Facebook page here.

Before the speaker, my friend since high school Amanda, goes live – we do a check in. We just do a quick chat about what’s going on with ourselves.  Usually the others in the group can find something good or healing or awesome that we cannot see for ourselves.  It is a support group – we lift each other up, eat goodies, discuss ways to cope and live a better life.  All are welcome.

Last night, I talked about my new job and what it means to me to make a complete career change and major shift.  I am no longer a corporate tool.  I start training as a prevention educator on Monday.  This is a major shift of the mind – and an opening of the heart.  My heart has blossomed with the years.  And in leaving the coldness of the corporate world, I have felt the poison of stress drain from my life. I have healed.

I ALSO told the story of Stank Tooth.  I have an old dog, Izabella.  My ancient puppy, my sweet old gurl, my absolute love.  She is a rat terrier chihuahua mix.  Chihuahua are notorious for bad teeth as they age.

Izzy 2Izzy had a particularly large molar that had become discolored and smelled awful.  I mean when Izzy panted it was like a bag of diapers and old meat was breathing on you.  It was the Stank Tooth.

I scheduled her vet appointment.  And we went.  Full checkup, vaccinations, etc.  Healthy as a fat little horse.  I told the vet about Stank Tooth.  As if on cue, Izzy coughed and spit the Stank Tooth directly at the vet.  The Stank Tooth ricocheted off his lab coat and landed on the table in front of him.  His face was priceless. My eyes must have been huge.  All I could say was “Good girl!”

So at CTL, we continued and everyone checked in.  But somehow Stank Tooth never really left the conversation.  People started laughing in random spurts and just saying Stank Tooth.  It spread.  It died down and the speaker went live.

And then it came back.  In fact, every principle point of discussion could somehow be applied to the Stank Tooth incident.  The forum about Three Key Questions To Finding Your Purpose held lots of “light bulb” moments. And a few Stank Tooth moments – as in “What can you leave behind that no longer serves you?”  Burst of laughter.

The person I used to be would have been mortified. The old me would have run away and left the room.  But I stayed.  And endured. I apologized to Amanda for interrupting, but she spoke from the heart.  She told me that laughter is medicine and that the vibration of the whole room was lifted because of it.  Not a churchy answer at all.

I felt loved.  I felt that Izzy was loved – even by people who have never met her.

Even a nasty dog tooth can have ripple effects of joy.

Izzy 1Even someone like me can shine a light, can be medicine, can raise the happiness quotient of a room.

I am so grateful.




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