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My brain is full lately – bombarded with stories of how humans have lost consideration for other humans and animals and our shared Earth.  We are being divided to see ourselves as THE OTHER.  But I believe – as I have for a long while now – that there IS NO OTHER.

My heart is full too.  I feel like we are truly being called to accept and love each other more ferociously in this climate of inequality and anger. So I decided to make beautiful stuff.  I am designing for VIDA & Co.  Please see their story and global impact for good here:


Every person involved in the creation of an item gets a fair share.  It benefits everyone involved.  It even allows me as an artist to choose what cause a portion of the proceeds benefits.

All of my products with a Passion Rose design benefit Animal Rights.Image may contain: flower, plant and nature

All of my products with a Daffodil design benefit Women’s Rights.Image may contain: flower and plant

More product and designs will be added daily.  Because I am inspired to do this.

Because I can put something out there that has a positive effect globally.  Am I the greatest designer in the world??? No and Yes.

No? Well, Cher is designing for them too.  And George Clinton.  And others who get the concept that even putting a tiny bit of your creativity out there can help the wheels move forward. That beauty and tiny steps toward equality can be enough to push back the darkness.

Yes?  I can see and capture beauty in the world – with my eye, with my heart, with my words, and with my iPhone.  The idea is not to capture it and let it sit somewhere unshared, hanging out only as a beautiful moment once upon a time.  The impetus is to bring it out into the light – make it joyful and accessible to everyone who needs a little lift.

Please check out VIDA & Co. at shopvida.com.

Here is my studio page:  Hollye B* Green

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